Blaber Family Genealogy

Third Generation

20. Thomas BLABER254 was born about 1825 in Wilmington, East Sussex, England.255,256,257,258,259,260,261 Aged 46 at marriage to Martha Langridge (nee Ellis). In 1851, 1861 & 1871 census, he was recorded as born in Folkington, Sussex. He lived at home in Folkington, East Sussex, England in 1841.95 Between 1851 and 1881 he was a Farm Labourer.222,262,263,264,265 Thomas lived at home in Berwick, East Sussex, England in 1871.262 He lived at Dicker Road in Arlington, East Sussex, England in 1881.222 He lived at Cane Heath in Arlington, East Sussex, England in 1884.266 Thomas died in 1884 at the age of 59 in Hailsham, East Sussex, England.267 He was buried on 30 December 1884 in St Michael's Church, Berwick, East Sussex, England.266

Thomas BLABER and Charlotte HEAD were married on 3 July 1848 in Willingdon, East Sussex, England.268,269,270 Thomas was recorded as a widower in 1871 census. Marriage witnessed by Henry Ellis and Lydia Blaber. They268,269,270 lived at Berwick Village in Berwick, East Sussex, England between 1851 and 1861.263,264,265 Charlotte HEAD254, daughter of John HEAD, was born about 1829 in Willingdon, East Sussex, England.271,272 She died between 1866 and 1871 at the age of 37.273

Thomas BLABER-2283 and Charlotte HEAD-2284 had the following children:



Edward BLABER-921.



Henry BLABER-2282.



Eliza BLABER-2428.



James BLABER264,268 was born about 1857 in Lewes, East Sussex, England.274,275 He was christened on 26 March 1857 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.276,277 He died of Scarlet Fever on 9 March 1859 at the age of 2 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.278 James' mother was present at his death. James was buried on 10 March 1859 at St Michael and All Angels' Parish Church in Berwick, East Sussex, England.279 As James does not appear in the 1861 census it is possible that he died before that date.



Thomas BLABER-2429.



Horace BLABER268 was born in 1862 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.280 He was christened on 22 February 1863 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.268,281 He died in 1866 at the age of 4 in Lewes, East Sussex, England.282 Aged 4 at death.



William BLABER268 was born in September 1866 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.283 He was christened on 16 October 1866 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.268 He died in 1867 at the age of 1 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.283 William was buried on 11 April 1867 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.283

Thomas BLABER and Martha ELLIS were married on 20 May 1871 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.256,268,284 Martha was married under the name Martha LANGRIDGE. Martha ELLIS222,256, daughter of Thomas ELLIS, was born about 1822 in Berwick, East Sussex, England.256,285,286,287 Aged 50 at marriage to Thomas Blaber. In 1881 she was a Dressmaker.222 She lived at Dicker Road in Arlington, East Sussex, England in 1881.222 Martha lived at 19a Goldstone Road in Hove, East Sussex, England in 1901.288 In 1901 she was a Housekeeper.288 She died in 1904 at the age of 82 in Steyning, West Sussex, England.287