Transcription Errors

Updated: 23 January 2015

If you are trying to find the name 'Blaber' in any documents that have transcribed indexes and are unable to find what you want, try some of the names below. All have been found to be incorrectly transcribed from the name 'Blaber' in original documents.

Beaber; Beaker; Beaver; Belaber; Blabar; Blabber; Blabee; Blaben; Blabes; Blabet; Blabor; Blabot; Blabour; Blader; Blades; Blaha; Blaher; Blahar; Blake; Blaker; Blakes; Blaket; Blaler; Blamer; Blaner; Blater; Blaver; Blaves; Blavet; Bleber; Bluber; Braber; Haber; Prtaber; Slater


Please let us know if you find any others via the Private Input on the Guest Book - thank you.

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