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From 1998

Page last updated: 5 December 2015

Unless otherwise stated, I will be in Central Scotland.

January 1998: Carlisle, England; Glamorgan, South Wales; Newcastle, England; Runcorn, England

February 1998: Newcastle, England; Paris, France; London, England

March 1998: Gothenberg, Sweden; London, England; Runcorn, England

April 1998: Cork, Ireland; London, England

May 1998: Weisbaden, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Rosnov, Czech Republic; London, England

June 1998: Rhode Island, USA

July 1998: St Hilaire-de-Riez, France

August 1998: Manchester, England; Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

September 1998: London, England; Worthing, England

October 1998: Worthing, England; London, England

November 1998: London, England; Essex, England

December 1998: Doha, Qatar; Bahrain

February 1999: Israel

March 1999: Manchester, England; London, England

April 1999: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

May 1999: Shannon, Ireland; Essex, England; Ellesmere Port, England

June 1999: Bergen, Norway

July 1999: Quimper, France

August 1999: Kristiansand, Norway; Gothenburg, Sweden

September 1999: Kristiansand, Norway; Gothenburg, Sweden

October 1999: Kuwait

December 1999: Stevenage, England; Warrington, England; Manchester, England

February 2000: Rome, Italy; Manchester, England

March 2000: Hull, England

May 2000: Hull, England; Aberdeen, Scotland

June 2000: Manchester, England; Brem, France

July 2000: Brem, France; Aberdeen, Scotland

August 2000: Jennie Blaber's wedding, Scotland

September 2000: Dublin & Cork, Republic of Ireland

October 2000: Manchester, England

January 2001: Jeddah and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

February 2001: Scottish Highlands

March 2001: Lowestoft and Manchester, England

April 2001: English Lake District

May 2001: Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

June/July 2001: France

August 2001: Manchester, England

September 2001: Bergen, Norway; Grangemouth, Scotland

October 2001: Highlands, Scotland

November 2001: Paris, France

December 2001: Highlands, Scotland

January 2002: Manchester, England

February 2002: Manchester, England

March 2002: Harlow, England

April 2002: Kuwait, and then on to:

May 2002: Bahrain; Tour of Saudi Arabia - Al-Khobar, Jeddah and Yanbu

June/July 2002: Loire Valley, France

September/October 2002: Bahrain; Saudi Arabia - Al-Khobar, Tanajib and Safaniya

October 2002: Carrington, England

November 2002: Manchester, England

December 2002: Manchester, England; Highlands, Scotland

January 2003: Bahrain; Saudi Arabia

February 2003: Dublin and Sligo, Republic of Ireland

March 2003: Dublin, Republic of Ireland

April 2003: Bahrain; Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

May 2003: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia; Bahrain

June/July 2003: Brittany, France

August 2003: Stavanger, Norway

September 2003: Bahrain; Saudi Arabia

October 2003: Cornwall, England

November 2003: Manchester, England

December 2003: Lake District, England

January 2004: Bahrain; Saudi Arabia

March 2004: Manchester, England; James and Allison Blaber's wedding, Gretna, Scotland

April 2004: Manchester, England

May 2004: Saudi Arabia; Florence, Italy

June/July 2004: Belgium; Paris, France

August/September 2004: Bergen & Stavanger, Norway

October 2004: Slough, England; Scottish Highlands

November 2004: Manchester, England

December 2004: Dublin and Cork, Republic of Ireland; Lake District, England

January 2005: Bahrain and Qatar, Middle East

February 2005: Bahrain & Qatar; Frankfurt, Germany; Florence & Pisa, Italy; Dublin & Cork, Ireland. (Ireland cancelled due to John's accident - click here for latest information)

March 2005: Manchester, England (Cancelled)

April 2005: Bahrain and Qatar, Middle East (Cancelled)

May 2005: Saudi Arabia (Cancelled)

June/July 2005: France

July 2005: John retired from John Crane EAA

August 2005: John joined Mnemonics Training Limited

October 2005: Manchester, England; Isle of Skye, Scotland

November 2005: Manchester, England

December 2005: Inverness, Scotland

February 2006: Dublin, Ireland; BP Hull, England

March 2006: Surrey, England; BP Angola

April 2006: Lincoln, England

June and July 2006: St Malo and Carnac, France

August 2006: Cheshire, England

September 2006: Scottish Highlands

November 2006: Manchester, England

December 2006: Manchester, England

June 2007: Tour of Canada - From Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, British Columbia; Cruise to Alaska from Vancouver

July 2007: Scarborough, England

August 2007: Inverurie, Scotland

November 2007: Windermere, Lake District, England

February 2008: Onich, Scotland; Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire, England

May 2008: Manchester, England

June 2008: Essex, England

July 2008: Vendée, France

November 2008: Ireland

February 2009: English Lake District

May 25th 2009: Carlo Curley ( giving opening concert on the rebuilt and enlarged organ at St Mary's Dalmahoy, where John Blaber is the Resident Organist

June/July 2009: Brittany, France

August 2009: Chester, England; Rossett, North Wales

September 2009: York, England

November 2009: Scottish Highlands

December 2009: Scottish Highlands

February 2010: Florence, Sienna, Pisa, tour of Tuscany, Italy

March 2010: Israel

April 2010: Scottish Highlands

May: Oxfordshire, England - brother Gordon's funeral - RIP

June 2010: Loire Valley, France

July 2010: Brittany, France

August 2010: Scottish Highlands

September 2010: Oxfordshire and Berkshire, England

October 2010: Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England

November 2010: Northumberland, England

December 2010: English Lake District

February 2011: Scottish Highlands

April 2011: St Andrews and the Scottish Highlands

June and July 2011: France

November 2011: Scottish Highlands

February 2012: Scottish Highlands

April 2012: Scottish Highlands

June and July 2012: Brittany, France

August 2012: Manchester, England

October 2012: Pershore, Worcestershire, England

November 2012: Scottish Highlands

February 2013: Scottish Highlands (Cancelled)

March 2013: Scottish Highlands

April 2013: Scottish Highlands

June/July 2013: Santander & Bilbao Spain; Biarritz, France

November 2013: Scottish Highlands

February 2014: Scottish Highlands

April 2014: Scottish Highlands

26th May/June/July 2014: Brittany, France. Sunday 25th May: John retired as organist at St Mary's Dalmahoy, Edinburgh and was appointed Organist Emeritus.

August 2014: North Yorkshire, England

September 2014: Cornwall, England; Slough and London, England

October 2014: John playing organ recital at Chester Cathedral; Leigh, Lancashire

November 2014: Twickenham, London, England

February 2015: England (Boeing 737 Simulator Training) and Peterborough Cathedral

April 2015: Southwell Minster (Cathedral), Nottinghamshire, England

May 2015: Christ Church, Reading, Berkshire, England

June 2015: St Julien-des-Landes, Vendée, France

July 2015: Dol-de-Bretagne, Brittany, France.

September 2015: Brooklands, England - Mercedes-Benz Self-Drive Track Day (John's birthday present from the family); London City.

November 2015: City of London

May 2016 - July 2016: Carnac, France

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